A bioethical issue of first relevance due to the advances in embryology and many issues related to the life and well-being of the patient.

Induced pluripotent stem cells use in the research lines of new cell therapies

In recent years, research that uses stem cells in regenerative [...]

Designer Babies. One more step to the ideal child

One of the bioethical issues of most importance and diffusion [...]

Epigenetics of the early development of the human embryo and transgenerational inheritance studies

Studying the possibility of transmitting epigenetic information across generations Until [...]

Patents proposed for gene editing techniques that modify the germ line of the embryo

The WHO recently made a report explaining new recommendations on [...]

Major Advances Toward Possible Treatment for People with Autism

Good news for people affected by this chronic disease. A [...]

Fraud in scientific research. The debate continues

A matter of concern for bioethicists, researchers and scientific journals [...]

Long-term effects of COVID-19. New scientific research

"The number of people who may have long COVID could [...]

China continues to block scientific research on the origin of SARS-CoV-2

On August, The Wall Street Journal published an article on [...]

Current research on human gene editing. Bioethical aspects

A decade after a Chinese researcher created the first gene-edited [...]

20 years of Human Genomics Project. Current data availability is unresolved

Human genome project delayed. This data could identify genomic sequenced [...]

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