3D bioprinted heart organoid with iPS cells has robust electromechanical function

A 3D bioprinted organoid that mimics an animal heart has [...]

HIV reservoirs after effective retroviral treatment are important contributors to HIV-associated atherosclerosis

Last month, we published an article entitled, "HIV reservoirs are [...]

The concern of CDC for the long term effects of COVID 19

Last November 2, we published an article about the long-term [...]

Colpase of health care systems. Delays in the treatment of cancer increase mortality. A robust evidence to guide national policy-making and inform oncologic decision-makers in hospitals

A major bioethical issue for health care services, patients, and [...]

Vascular diseases treatment based in bioregenerating patient’s own blood vessels

Vascular disorders affect circulation and are a disease with a [...]

Genetics factors determine the clinical course of the COVID 19 infection. The finding may help to find a treatment

It appears that the severity with which Covid-19 affects individuals [...]

The cost for authors or academic institutions of publishing an article in the “open access” system of the Nature publishing group

The German government is reaching an agreement with the Nature [...]

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Cardiovascular damages in young American athletes recovering from Covid-19. One half had subclinical myocardial and pericardial disease

A recent article published in Science journal (October 23, 2020) [...]

Review of near-death experiences after clinical death by a neuroscientist

Near-death experiences are triggered during singular life-threatening episodes when the body is injured by a heart attack, shock, or blunt trauma such as an explosion or a fall. These events share broad commonalities: becoming pain-free, seeing a bright light at the end of a tunnel, or detaching from one's body and floating above it and even flying off into space. Why the mind should experience the struggle to sustain its operations in the face of a loss of blood flow and oxygen as positive and blissful rather than as panic-inducing remains a mystery.

The tsunami engulfing women’s sport worldwide is now approaching the US and the UK. Common sense appears to be lacking

Last December, we published a special report entitled, Transsexuality (transwomen) [...]