The controversial stance of Peter Singer on the value of human life, recognized with an award

Peter Singer has been awarded the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of [...]

Britain confirms the legality of aborting fetuses with Down syndrome until birth

These days we can read in several media that the [...]

Polygenic preimplantation genetic diagnosis: medicine or eugenics?

Polygenic preimplantation genetic diagnosis presents serious bioethical difficulties Nathan Treff [...]

Defending life in difficult times: at the service of the Truth to be free

The miracle of life. The wonder of human life Two [...]

Designer Babies. One more step to the ideal child

One of the bioethical issues of most importance and diffusion [...]

Planned Parenthood has been the flagship of modern eugenics

Planned Parenthood (PP) is an American private institution and the [...]

Organ transplant and discrimination against disabled persons

We have often addressed the medical and bioethical challenge to [...]

Current development of AI-powered lethal autonomous weapons. Bioethical approach

Last month, February 17, The Washington Post published an article [...]

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