Deaths of young people in clinical trial of gene therapy could affect the research of this promising treatment

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Designer Babies new era. A step to the ideal child

One of the bioethical issues of most importance and diffusion [...]

Epigenetics of the early development of the human embryo and transgenerational inheritance studies

Studying the possibility of transmitting epigenetic information across generations Until [...]

Patents of gene editing techniques that modify the germline of the embryo are proposed

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China’s communist party rulers continues to block scientific research of the origin of Sars-CoV-2. What can be done?

Up to date (August 20) 2021. The Wall Street Journal [...]

Scientific institutions are implementing global safeguards to stop rogue gene-editing of human embryos. Have been effective?

"With the exception of the minority of people in the [...]

China Communist Party rulers use genetic data for its politic interest

Our Observatory has approached the eventual violation of the privacy [...]

20 years of Human Genomics Project. Current data availability is unresolved

Human genome project delayed. This data could identify genomic sequenced [...]

The forensic use of a global Y chromosome database ethically questioned by geneticists

The use of the YHRD database is ethically questioned by [...]