Couple of women share their womb to carry the child

Otis was born on 30 September in a hospital in [...]

“How Gay Are You?” app has been criticized for being “misleading and irresponsible”

In September this year, our Observatory published a special report: [...]

Syphilis epidemic in Europe. The epidemic that have characterized the dark ages has reappeared.

Syphilis cases have skyrocketed in Europe, are more common in [...]

A review of the relationship between same sex attraction and genetics: new findings for an old dilemma

Introduction Much has been written about the factors that trigger [...]

Publication of a guide for parents to educate their children against gender ideology

On 10 June this year, the Congregation for Catholic Education [...]

Paris March for Life take to the streets in Paris – Video

Thousands of protesters – 50.000 people from all France – walked [...]

The cryptic biological determinism of “sexual orientation”. Study on homosexual determinism

All attempts to demonstrate biological determinism of homosexuality lack sufficient [...]

The biological sexual identity is once again adopted by the American Administration

Is US Government official definition of sexual identity determined “on a biological [...]

HIV/AIDS fall in some countries but in Spain,Middle East,North Africa, and eastern Europe the number of new infections has increased significantly

See video below HIV/AIDS global pandemic Up to a total [...]