Application of euthanasia in patients with depression, the sinister face of an unacceptable practice

In line with the news that we learned in 2022 [...]

Seattle public schools have sued several social networks for causing mental health problems in young people

According to BusinessInsider, Seattle school boards have blamed some social [...]

A drug could ameliorate the cognitive deficits of people with Down syndrome

According to a study published in the Journal of Cellular [...]

Major Advances Toward Possible Treatment for People with Autism

Good news for people affected by this chronic disease. A [...]

Ageism in COVID-19 pandemic

Updated 9/14/2021  The term ageism was coined in the English language in [...]

Loneliness before, during and after COVID-19. Is it an epidemic?

Before addressing the continuous increase of loneliness in Britain and [...]

Upward trend in the incidence of suicides during the COVID-19 pandemic

Recent "WHO guidance" on suicide incidence during the COVID-19 pandemic [...]

Professional rugby players suffer a decline in their brain function according to a scientific study

"Scientists warn tackles, not just concussions, are to blame." In [...]

Experiments with ex vivo brain cells grown in lab for more than a year, mirror changes in a newborn’s brain

Brain organoids finding, a step to treat hereditary diseases The [...]

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