Gender transition: Is there a right to be forgotten?

The journal Health Care Analysis has published a new study [...]

Professional rugby players suffer a decline in their brain function after just one season, according to a scientific study

"Scientists warn tackles, not just concussions, are to blame." In [...]

Are women who choose for IVF pregnancy adequately informed of the risks of hypertensive disorders during pregnancy?

The risk of  IVF pregnancy hypertensive disorders is not a [...]

China Communist Party rulers use genetic data for its politic interest

Our Observatory has approached the eventual violation of the privacy [...]

Torrential leak from the “de identified” EHR data silo of American health care providers. Ethical perspective

Current EHR de-identified police data can affect decades of  patients [...]

“Sedation until death” in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis for harvesting organs for donation in patients. Bioethical assessment

 News recently published has reported the existence of a protocol [...]

Urethral complications after gender reassignment surgery: a systematic review

More cautious approaches when undertaking gender-transition to both surgery and [...]

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Diagnostic tests for brain death: this is the time for universal uniformity

A controversial critical issue for the organ transplantation system: the [...]

“In vivo” brain tissue donation. Medical and bioethical approach

Until now, brain tissue donation for scientific studies was done [...]

Frozen human embryos are collapsing fertility clinics capacity of storage. Bioethical approach

Frozen embryos abandoned. Short review Earlier this year, CBS News [...]