Family size and aging parents. New arguments for an obsession that borders on the absurd

Study suggests that having children impairs the cognitive health of [...]

What are the bioethical issues raised by the new law on assisted reproduction in France?

Macron's legal and bioethics reform an advance or a setback? [...]

Ageism in COVID-19 pandemic

Updated 9/14/2021  The term ageism was coined in the English language in [...]

Switzerland: Same-sex couples now have the status of a married family

Same-sex couples will have the same rights of married people [...]

Ruling comunist party urging Chinese families to have more children!. Three children now instead of two

Last November, we published an article about China’s demographic trend [...]

Unprecedented sex imbalance in India. Systematic women discrimination before birth

“Missing female births, driven by selective abortion of female fetuses, [...]

The impact and consequences of miscarriage are underestimated by public health authorities

More miscarriage units are needed in hospitals and couples and [...]

Biological fathers will be required to pay half of pregnancy-related medical costs in Utah

Biological father responsibility required by law is a trend in [...]

COVID-19 and pregnancy. The latest scientific evidence of the effect of vaccination in the woman and the child

More studies are needed about COVID-19 and pregnancy.  Introduction One [...]

Association between parental age and risk of schizophrenia in offspring

Many studies have examined the association between parental age and [...]

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