The Poly-Parents revolution is coming. 3 or more parents’ babies are proposed as a common IVF practice

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The use of Natural Family Planning when pregnancy is medically contraindicated

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China accused of genocide after alleged use of family planning laws to eradicate certain ethnic populations

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Commercial surrogacy legalization. Bioethical and medical implications

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“The dad who gave birth” claims fatherhood but the English court defends the biological evidence

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Births to women aged 25 and under have steadily decreased and number of over-45s is at the highest level

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Male and female He created them – A useful text to guide parents in the education of their children in the controversial imposition of gender ideology

Congregation’s thoughts on Gender Ideology On 10 June this year, [...]

The father’s age may determine genetic mutations in his children that do not pre-exist in him

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Abortions have reached a historic low rate in the United States.The drop was especially pronounced among teenagers

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Sex disparity on a continental scale. Male-heavy generation in China and India

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