Pharmaceutical Sanofi must compensate women who were treated with the drug Depakine

On March 17, the insurer of the pharmaceutical company Sanofi [...]

Should the concept of brain death be reviewed in the United States?

“The discussion of brain death should arguably focus on the [...]

Pope Francis states that conscientious objection to abortion is non-negotiable

“You know that I am very clear about this: it [...]

Alaska’s COVID-19 crisis: Collapse of the health system

An article published in The New York Times (October 6, [...]

The principle of autonomy and the right not to know: Cases that may require greater consideration

In medical ethics, could the patient's right to don't know [...]

Redefining hormone therapy for gender transition

Sweden’s Karolinska Hospital has issued new guidelines for the treatment [...]

Recent stealth steps to pass assisted suicide in Germany

Assisted suicide in Germany, the federation of doctors change their [...]

Boys born with an extremely low birth weight (ELBW) age faster than their female peers

Boys born with low birth weight (ELBW) age faster than [...]

US federal court upholds Ohio’s Down syndrome abortion law

Our Observatory has published several articles about persons with Down [...]

Organ transplant and discrimination against disabled persons

We have often addressed the medical and bioethical challenge to [...]

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