Assisted reproduction clinics ethics concerns and gametes donation system a true pandora box

We have authored several articles questioning the reliability of IVF [...]

Solid organ transplantation during coronavirus crisis.

Solid-organ transplantation activity has decreased even in regions where COVID-19 [...]

Namibia’s strategy to reach UNAIDS HIV targets will be implemented in the U.S.

Last September, we reported that the UK has UNAIDS targets [...]

Belgian healthcare professionals rebel against euthanasia for psychological suffering reasons

Calling for a national debate on euthanasia and mental illness [...]

Current state of genetic test in the United States. 69,104 Genetic Testing Units available

Now are 69,104 Genetic Testing Units available in United States [...]

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Medical errors are now the third cause of death in the United States

"Researchers: Medical errors now third leading cause of death in [...]

Amendment to abolish Planned Parenthood subsidies by American Government

American Government ceases to be the international sponsor of abortion [...]

Serotonin produced from neurons obtained with iPS and embryonic stem cells

Serotonin is implicated in functions as important as humour, sadness, [...]

Even treated, AIDS is a chronical disease because HIV is stored in certain human cells

The disease cannot be cured, as the HIV remains inactive [...]