Amendment to abolish Planned Parenthood subsidies by American Government

American Government ceases to be the international sponsor of abortion [...]

Serotonin produced from neurons obtained with iPS and embryonic stem cells

Serotonin is implicated in functions as important as humour, sadness, [...]

Even treated, AIDS is a chronical disease because HIV is stored in certain human cells

The disease cannot be cured, as the HIV remains inactive [...]

Sperm quality depends on age and it is an important risk factor when fatherhood is increasingly delayed

Recent data from molecular genetics and epidemiology provide evidence that [...]

Genome editing. First clinical trial using the CRISPR technique authorised in humans

If there is one technique on which biomedicine has pinned [...]

Zika virus and microcephaly. Causal relationship is confirmed by recent article

A medical problem with ethical repercussions is whether or not [...]

Prohibition of experimentation with human embryos ratified by the Italian Constitutional Court

"Banning of all clinical and experimental human embryos experimentation that [...]

Proposal to increase chemical abortion by telemedicine in the United States

We must not forget all the medical and ethical difficulties [...]