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American organ collection questioned. Poor control system and slow reaction of the current government

American organ collection system questioned. A monopoly follows its own [...]

Florida (US) releases artificial mosquitoes into the open air to replace the current disease-transmitting population. Could they alter the ecosystem?

A recent article published in Nature (May 3) reports “the [...]

Several American states are prohibiting gender affirming Medical Care for minors

Gender-affirming treatments banned to protect of serious damages in youth's [...]

American states are in a move to ban transgender women athletes from participating in women’s sports

A ban of transwomen playing in women's sports teams reignited [...]

Arizona passes a bill banning abortion and recognizing civil rights to unborn children.

Last April 27 the English paper The Guardian published an [...]

Legal frameborks of surrogacy is proposed. A false solution

Surrogacy is prohibited in almost all Western countries, but the [...]

A single universal vaccine against developing viruses that can cause COVID-19 should be a global public health priority

There is no doubt that there is a risk that [...]

Antibodies generated in pregnant women vaccinated against COVID-19 can pass to their children

Robust immune response in pregnant women vaccinated with mRNA vaccines [...]

Partial removal of Trump’s restrictions on federal funding for research using fetal tissues from elective abortions

A long debate on the scientific, legal and bioethical implications of [...]

US federal court upholds Ohio’s Down syndrome abortion law

Our Observatory has published several articles about persons with Down [...]