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American Supreme court rules in favour of conscientious objection of employers. A long debate finally closed

Bioethics and conscientious objection have a close relationship from a [...]

Facial recognition related to unlimited personal data could threaten the rule of law and the autonomy of citizens

The archive of millions of personal data at disposal without [...]

China accused of genocide after alleged use of family planning laws to eradicate certain ethnic populations

We have published many articles about the Chinese regime’s violation [...]

Commercial surrogacy legalization. Bioethical and medical implications

The news that commercial surrogacy has been legalized with significant [...]

The Vatican Opinion on Gender perspective. Responding to the Timothy F. Murphy’s article published in Bioethics

A recent article published in The Linacre Quarterly (June 17, [...]

Translating to human the findings of experiments in animals is not always feasible

A great deal of the news that reaches the public [...]

Disparities of health care for ethnic reasons should be resolved. Coronavirus and maternal health care data.

Disparities in maternal health care, as reported in the February 2020 issue [...]