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Experiments with ex vivo brain cells grown in lab for more than a year, mirror changes in a newborn’s brain

The neuroscience project to study the human brain has a [...]

Genetics and non-genetics factors of diseases. The exposome’s studies

The publication in 2001 of the results of the "Human [...]

Two Covid-19 vaccines do not use cells from elective abortions in their current production

"It is certainly very positive news that the two vaccines [...]

New medical and ethical concerns of sperm donation and assisted reproduction in relation to coronavirus epidemic restrictions

There is a known shortage of sperm donors in the [...]

Latest on chemical abortion during the current pandemic crisis in the US and the UK

In the US and the UK, abortion service provision during [...]

“No baby, no fee”. Promotion of fertility clinics in the UK questioned

Fertility clinics' marketing doesn't always consider the ethical aspects of [...]

Long-haulers ravaging effects of COVID-19 in some patients and CDC’s project INSPIRE

Last December, we published an article concerning the long-term effects [...]

A novel technology may increase HIV free testing access for a key population

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic and its devastating effect on healthcare [...]

China continues to show ethical weakness in biomedical issues with human participants

China’s weakness in ethics and humanitarian principles has been a [...]