Palliative Care are the clinical and spiritual care during the death process and in chronic diseases at hospital or home

A great study concludes that palliative care and end of life issues are being neglected

JAMA Surg. has published a report titled Palliative Care and [...]

Opioids’ valuable analgesic efficacy. Epidemic and the controversy surrounding its abuse in the US

Introduction A dossier published in The Washington Post discusses the [...]

Dying alone. Unprecedented moral implications, another unique feature of the current pandemic

Some doctors working on the front line of the coronavirus [...]

In pandemic era, palliative care is even more necessary but a wrong understanding of the term limits its access

Our Observatory is following the palliative care issue as an [...]

Palliative care shortage in Latin America is greater than developed countries

Palliative care is a patient right  Since its introduction in [...]

The term “medically assisted dying” (MAD) is misleading when referring to euthanasia and assisted suicide

Along with the objective, medical and ethical problems posed by [...]

Unresponsive patients bioethical dilemma. Some of them are actually aware

On June 26, 2019, Columbia University published a study in [...]

The allocation of healthcare resources during crisis

Introduction The distribution of healthcare resources equitably among the population [...]

A brief review of access to palliative care in the world. Evaluation and ethical aspects

Our Observatory is following the palliative care issue as an [...]

More than 47% of people who will die by 2060 will do so without adequate palliative care

Why palliative care universal access should be defended? Palliative care [...]

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