Humanized kidneys in human-pig chimeras. One more step towards the possibility of obtaining human organs from animals

Scientists from the Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health, in [...]

The ethical dilemma of artificial wombs for development of the fetonate

Since the clinical advent of in vitro fertilization in the [...]

Izpisúa regenerates damaged liver in mice through cell reprogramming

The well-known Spanish researcher Juan Carlos Izpisúa has led a [...]

In vivo partial reprogramming alters age-associated molecular changes during physiological aging in mice

A research team led by the Spaniard Juan Carlos Izpisúa [...]

Gene therapy risks in young people

Gene therapy risks must be evaluated in each clinical trial [...]

Induced pluripotent stem cells use in the research lines of new cell therapies

In recent years, research that uses stem cells in regenerative [...]

Harms Linked to Unapproved Stem Cell Interventions and Right to Try laws

One of the great advances in medicine is regenerative therapy [...]

Hopeful lines of experimentation to recover lost heart muscle and function

The first trials were carried out twenty years ago, in [...]

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