Sexually transmitted infections: an alarming public health problem

Sexually transmitted infections in Spain According to the latest available [...]

On sex education and the hypothetical right of children to engage in consensual sex

On September 21, within the Spanish Parliament’s Equality Commission, the [...]

HIV infections dropped 73% in the United States in the last 40 years. In this scenario, the increase in the homosexual collective is of great concerns

Is the current HIV prevention campaign up-to-date? An article published [...]

STDs out of control in the US for 6 consecutive years

STDs epidemic out of control: "STIs remains an underfunded and [...]

STD epidemic out of control. STD Conference last September has shown a constant increase year by year

"1 million people worldwide get a sexually transmitted infection every [...]

Should Chemsex be a public health care priority in developed countries?

In 2018, our Observatory published a brief news article, entitled [...]

Circumcision in developed countries. Ethical approach of this surgical irreversible intervention

Only in the U.S.A., 58% are being circumcised. This  procedure is [...]

Review of sexual transmission of HIV in patients treated with antiretroviral drugs

HIV transmission If HIV carriers are adequately treated with antiretroviral [...]

Namibia’s strategy to reach UNAIDS HIV targets will be implemented in the U.S.

Last September, we reported that the UK has UNAIDS targets [...]

STD “silent epidemic” also becomes an important factor in the spread of mouth cancer

We reported the increase of STD in western countries that [...]

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