Syphilis epidemic in Europe. The epidemic that have characterized the dark ages has reappeared.

Syphilis cases have skyrocketed in Europe, are more common in [...]

News about HPV confirm that universal child vaccination is needed

HPV vaccination need appears to be a incontrovertible medical and [...]

Chemical castration for some sex offenders is in the agenda of several American states. It opens a new bioethical debate

A new issue of bioethical debate raised about how to [...]

Arizona and Florida have declared internet PORN a public health risk

Based on research that has found links between pornography and [...]

The silent global epidemic. 25% of adolescents will contract an STD before finishing high school

Only HPV infection is responsible for 530,000 cases annually and [...]

Sex disparity on a continental scale. Male-heavy generation in China and India

In China and India, men outnumber women by 70 million. [...]

Guidelines published to prevent STD (sexually transmitted diseases) in prisions. Is this collective receiving these basic needs?

In the last week of May this year, 2018, the [...]

HIV/AIDS fall in some countries but in Spain,Middle East,North Africa, and eastern Europe the number of new infections has increased significantly

See video below HIV/AIDS global pandemic Up to a total [...]

Could HIV be entirely removed? It is the main question in the HIV fight

A recent article titled, A study unravels new stem cell [...]

Chemsex on the rise among homosexuals. How will it affect public health?

Chemsex public health issue affirms British Medical Journal Roughly a [...]