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Positive development and research phase of COVID 19 vaccines disseminated by media could not be entirely in line with reality

Last Tuesday, 21 July, an article published in the medical [...]

Male versus female brains controversy. Scientific evidence of their differences

Brains functioning differences define whether an individual is male or [...]

Observatory’s assessment of UN anual report “Freedom of Religion or Belief”

In February this year (2020), UN Special rapporteur Ahmed Shaeed [...]

Bioethical debate on the principle of Procreative Beneficence

The principle of Procreative Beneficence (PB) developed by Julian Savulescu [...]

Medical and bioethical current dilemas raised around the COVID-19 pandemic. Stockpiled vaccines and drugs objective risks

Stockpiled vaccines and drugs for COVID 19 objective risks Introduction [...]

COVID-19 vaccines ethics debate. Cells from induced human abortions used to their production

"Could be used on a temporary basis until other similar [...]

UN’s last report on the rights of disabled persons defends the woman’s “right” to abortion them!

The United Nations’ latest Report of the Special Rapporteur on [...]

Widespread COVID-19 infection among Spanish healthcare professionals did not occur by chance

The Spanish public has been extremely concerned with the high [...]

Is it true that there are vaccines produced using aborted fetuses?

As we know, several initiatives are being carried out to [...]

75th anniversary (next July) of a continuing nuclear threat. Our reflection.

Current pandemic is like a war without bombs Within a [...]