Bioethics Observatory of the Catholic University of Valencia. Up-to-date special reports from the Bioethics Observatory at the Catholic University of Valencia (Spain), covering a wide range of bioethical, biological, biotechnological, biomedical issues including stem cell research, abortion, assisted suicide, gene editing and much more. Our staff of cualificated authors of our Univeristy,  presents general interest and specialised reports with ethical implications, based on the latest research findings from the world’s top medical and scientific journals.

Clinical trial to treat diabetes suspended after the death of two patients

Two patients participating in a clinical trial studying a cell [...]

The future is already here: Neuralink successfully implants a chip in the human brain

“Telepathy”, the new brain implant created by Neuralink, aims to [...]

Hydroxychloroquine, medication used to treat Covid-19, could have caused 2,799 deaths in Spain

Hydroxychloroquine, a drug used to prevent and treat acute attacks [...]

Persistence of brain activity during the dying process

A recent study conducted in dying patients, published in the [...]

Three genetic parents: Achievable by science, a challenge for bioethics

Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy (MRT) has become a fascinating and controversial [...]

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