Tokio olympics games 2021 has refueled the controversy of trans women playing in women teams

The preparations to compete in the next Olympic Games in [...]

Redefining hormone therapy for gender transition. Current gender dysphoria treatments questioned

Sweden’s Karolinska Hospital has issued new guidelines for the treatment [...]

Several American states are prohibiting gender affirming Medical Care for minors

Gender-affirming treatments banned to protect of serious damages in youth's [...]

American states are in a move to ban transgender women athletes from participating in women’s sports

A ban of transwomen playing in women's sports teams reignited [...]

New medical and ethical dilemmas with hormone-blocking treatments and gender transition

"Can the request of someone who wants to block their [...]

The tsunami engulfing women’s sport worldwide is now approaching the US and the UK. Common sense appears to be lacking

Last December, we published a special report entitled, Transsexuality (transwomen) [...]

Urethral complications after gender reassignment surgery: a systematic review

More cautious approaches when undertaking gender-transition to both surgery and [...]

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LGBTQ youth mental health in coronavirus era: unprejudiced update

"Prudence demanded from a large part of the scientific community, [...]

Scientific studies of mental health of transgender children supported by their parents are questioned

In different articles, our Observatory has pointed out the lack [...]