The University of Oxford has closed the Future of Humanity Institute

The Future of Humanity Institute (FHI) was dedicated to the [...]

The future is already here: Neuralink successfully implants a chip in the human brain

“Telepathy”, the new brain implant created by Neuralink, aims to [...]

Artificial intelligence. A bridge between transhumanism and posthumanism?

In 1957, in an essay published in London, English biologist [...]

Juan Pedro Núñez: “Humans will be a new species with chips implanted in their brain”

The message of transhumanism is very simple: thanks to science [...]

Former vice president of Google calls for regulation of AI

Geoffrey Hinton, the father of Artificial Intelligence (AI), has resigned [...]

Neuroenhancement: from the scientific and technological vanguard to the difficulties and limits posed by the philosophy of mind and bioethics

Review and first analysis of an article on the subject [...]

International Congress in Madrid debates about “Transhumanism and genetically altering people”

Genetic manipulation, which until now only took place with food, [...]

Brain enhancement device in preliminary testing

A recent article in The Time affirms, "Up to now, [...]

Transhumanism and the emancipation of human nature

Our lecture about transhumanism at European Parliament session The backdrop [...]

Are killer robots stars of a new global arms race?

Countries spending billions on ‘third revolution in warfare’ and UN [...]

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