The biological sexual identity is once again adopted by the American Administration

Is US Government official definition of sexual identity determined “on a biological [...]

Abortions have reached a historic low rate in the United States.The drop was especially pronounced among teenagers

American public opinion trend proves that the pro-life fight could win. See [...]

Kenya has banned the American flagship organization Marie Stopes from promoting abortion

Abortion colonialism is stopped. Kenya accused the previous US government [...]

Ethical questions of artificial intelligence in healthcare

The Nuffield Council on Bioethics examines, in a recently published [...]

Savulescu and Schuklenk propose to restrict the conscientious objection of healthcare practitioners

Professionals must always perform any treatment that a patient may [...]

Europe rejects “Global Kidney Exchange Project”. This apparently solidarity initiative mask authentic “trafficking in human organs”

The initiative encourages the “risk of exploitation”. See video below The [...]

HIV/AIDS fall in some countries but in Spain,Middle East,North Africa, and eastern Europe the number of new infections has increased significantly

See video below HIV/AIDS global pandemic Up to a total [...]

A new electronic device could allow the recovery of patients with motor chronic spinal cord injury

Don't miss the video below Four patients with a complete spinal cord [...]

Launched a book about the rights of incurable children. Ethics, Conflict and Medical Treatment for Children: From disagreement to dissensus

What should happen when doctors and parents disagree about what [...]

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