International discussion has been proposed about ethical use of embryoids

An article published in Nature, signed by notable personalities in [...]

Another molecular revolution. The atlas of human embryonic development

We publish the full text of the article published in [...]

More facts of the human fertilization process

During the fertilization process, a series of interactions take place [...]

“For an Europe faithful to human dignity”. A cultural platform, of which our Observatory is a member, is launched in Paris

The Cultural Platform was launched - february 23 - in [...]

Scientific institutions are trying to devise global safeguards to stop rogue gene-editing of human embryos

Some U.S. researchers knew of a Chinese scientist’s intentions to [...]

Nature changes its policy allowing experimentation with human embryos. Why?

Nature Group does not explain the reasons for this change. [...]

Human-mouse hybrids created with sperm produced from human testicular stem cells

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Moral assessment of frozen human embryos adoption in the Magisterium of Catholic Church

Our Observatory published a paper in the journal Acta Bioética that for [...]

Fetal hunger and adverse environmental effect in adulthood and offspring is studied

To remind us that at least 800 million people are [...]

Ethical problems relative to “embryo selection” . Dicrimination after birth

A recent article published in Fertility and Sterility(see HERE)  affirms that, [...]