More problems associated with current gender transition therapy -hormone therapy

A recent study published in the American Heart Association’s Journal [...]

Current treatment of transgender youth includes the suppression of puberty that has direct consequences on the development of the minor.

A relevant ethical, moral and legal medical unresolved issue is [...]

Rebuild trust between doctors-patients and healthcare institutions is claimed

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Ethical questions of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Will increasing use of AI lead to a loss of human contact in care?

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Savulescu and Schuklenk propose to restrict the conscientious objection of healthcare practitioners

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JME publication. Importance of philosophy in the context of medical ethics. “The most profound questions that health professionals face are not scientific or technical, but ethical”

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Charter of rights of the incurable children. Are some children’s life not worth living?

The new scenario deserves particular care and treatments that make [...]

Is the right of conscientious objection protected in Europe when it comes to abortion?

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Open debate in the UK. Bioethicists and parents argue for a change in childcare law in the UK

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Involuntary euthanasia in Holland. More than 400 citizens have been euthanized without request

Medical and Legal Dictionaries: Involuntary euthanasia Termination of life without [...]