“Death by donation”. Harvesting organs from still-living persons

"Undergo surgery in an operating theatre to remove their organs [...]

Scientists with 3D – bioink technique print a cornea that mimic human ones. Great hope to patients waiting for cornea donation

Science Daily published an article with the title, 3D printed [...]

Trachea transplants. Medical and ethical assessment of Paolo Macchiarini’s experiments

An interesting article was published recently in “The American Journal [...]

China breached international criminal law. Organs are harvested from political prisoners

China abuses in this and other fields have been published [...]

Leading doctors in reproductive medicine and transgender clinics open the door to trans women to get womb transplant

Ben Jones, a surgeon at Imperial and member of the [...]

A human heart left on a commercial airliner provides a glimpse into the nation’s transplant system. The obscure network of nonprofit organizations is questioned

With organ trafficking on the rise and nonprofit institutions implicated, [...]

First child born worldwide gestated in a uterus transplanted between twin sisters

News of the first baby in the world to be [...]

Uterus transplantation is a promising treatment for women infertility but some bioethical aspects have not yet been solved

In 2014, the first child was born following uterus transplantation, [...]

The man with 3 faces, after an astonishing medical feat. What ethical difficulties can face-transplants pose?

"The man with three faces. These transplants pose, indeed, the [...]

The donation organs law of presumed consent of donors – opt-out – is being discussed in France and the UK

The organ donation, "A free act that should be a [...]