Donation of sperm after death is debated in Britain

A new approach to alleviating the shortage of sperm donors [...]

World’s first kidney transplant from a living donor with HIV

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Is the success of organ transplantation “Spanish model” due to the current law of organ donation presumed consent?

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Europe rejects “Global Kidney Exchange Project”. This apparently solidarity initiative mask authentic “trafficking in human organs”

The initiative encourages the “risk of exploitation”. See video below The [...]

Uterus transplantation is a promising treatment for women infertility but some bioethical aspects have not yet been solved

In 2014, the first child was born following uterus transplantation, [...]

The donation organs law of presumed consent of donors – opt-out – is being discussed in France and the UK

The organ donation, "A free act that should be a [...]

UK Government announced “Everybody will be organ donor by law” which is provoking a large debate

"I would opt out because organ donation should be a [...]

Organ donation from euthanized patients. The practice is controversial and currently only allowed in Belgium an Netherlands

In 2015, 2023 patients were euthanized only in Belgium.  Organ [...]

First case of deceased donor uterine transplantation. It is a relevant medical and social issue

Being able to resolve the reproductive problems suffered by women [...]