Functional lungs produced in mice which technique could be useful for human transplants

Lung transplant new possibilities suggest recent findings. Millions of people [...]

Scientists with 3D – bioink technique print a cornea that mimic human ones. Great hope to patients waiting for cornea donation

Science Daily published an article with the title, 3D printed [...]

With the aim to find a new sources of organs for transplantation, Japan approves the first human-animal embryo experiments. Positive and negative apects

Scientist Hiromitsu Nakauchi is the first researcher in Japan to [...]

Cardiac muscle cells, that drive the beating of the heart, developed from iPS cells

Cardiomyocytes produced with success One of the possibilities for the [...]

Human-sheep hybrids created for the first time to develop organs

Human-sheep hybrids have been created for the first time by scientists [...]

Cryopreserve ovarian tissue from prepubertal girls who are to undergo cancer treatment. Medical and ethical approach

When a cancer patient is treated with radio and/or chemotherapy, [...]

Ears made in China, using 3D printing technique, are implanted in 5 children

A team of Chinese scientists has been able to implant [...]

3D artificial ovary constructed with excellent results. New hope for women infertility

A team of researchers from the McCormick School of Engineering [...]

Pulmonary organoids produced from human iPS cells in three dimensions (3D)

Lung organoids have been produced from human pluripotent stem (iPS) [...]

Reproductive medicine and the production of bioartificial organs

Reproductive medicine and the production of bioartificial organs may be [...]