Bioethics Observatory scientific publications

Bioethics Observatory  scientific publications

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Justo Aznar MD, Ph.D., Julio TudelaPharm PhD

The Use of NFP When Pregnancy Is Contraindicated?

The Linacre Quarterly – February 11, 2020


Julio TudelaPharm Ph.D.Enrique Burguete Ph.D. Justo AznarMD PhD

The Vatican Opinion on Gender Theory

The Linacre Quarterly – June 17, 2020


Aznar J. MD PhD

“Death by donation”. Harvesting organs by still-living persons

Linacre Quarterly August – 11, 2020, DOI:


 Aznar J

Genotype Networks and Biological Evolution

Journal of Bioethics and Applications 2020, 1(1):


Julio Tudela and Justo Aznar

Social Freezing: Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma

Ethics & Medicine 35; 161-170, 2019

Burguete, E

Gender post-feminism and transhumanism

Medicina e Morale 2; 197-210, 2019

Gómez-Tatay L, Hernández-Andreu JM 

Biosafety and biosecurity in Synthetic Biology: A review

“Journal Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology” 49; 1587-1621, 2019

Aznar J, Martínez Peris M

Gestational surrogacy: Current view

The Linacre Quarterly 86; 56-67, 2019

Aznar J

Is there a purpose in the biological evolution of living beings?

The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly 19; 403-413, 2019


Aznar J, Tudela J

Gestational surrogacy. Ethical aspects

Medicina e Morale 3; 277-290, 2018



The conception of synthetic entities from a bioethical perspective

Science and Engineering Ethics DOI 10.1007/s11948-017-9994-z

Aznar J, Tudela J, Aznar J

Analysis of the truth in advertising on the efficacy provided by assisted reproduction clinics

 Acta Bioethica 23; 311-325, 2017

Aznar J, Martínez M, Navarro P

Moral Assessment of frozen human embryo adoption in the light of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church

Acta Bioethica

Gómez-Tatay L, Hernández-Andreu JM, Aznar J

Mitochondrial modification techniques and ethical issues

Journal of Clinical Medicine 6; (25), 2017

Aznar J, Tudela J

Ten years since the discovery of iPS cells: The current state of their clinical application

Revista Clínica Española 217; 30-34, 2017


Aznar J, Martínez M, Navarro P

Frozen embryo adoption

Therapeia 8; 103-120, 2016

Blesa JR, Tudela J, Aznar J

Ethical Aspects of Nuclear and Mitochondrial DNA Transfer

The Linacre Quarterly 83; 179-191, 2016

Peck R, Rella W, Tudela J, Aznar J, Mozzanega B

Does levonorgestrel emergency contraceptive have a post-fertilization effect? A review of its mechanism of action.

The Linacre Quarterly 83;35-51, 2016

Gómez-Tatay L, Hernández-Andreu JM, Aznar J.

A Personalist Approach to Synthetic Biology

Bioethics 30; 397-406, 2016

Gomez-Tatay L., Hernandez J.L., Aznar J.

Towards an ethically acceptable proposal in the prevention of mitochondrial DNA-associated diseases

Medicina e Morale, 2016 1: 9-17


Aznar J, Navarro P.

Medical abortion: Teratogenic effects of misoprostol
Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 35; 323-324, 2015


Navarro Illana P, Aznar J, Díez-Domingo J.
Ethical considerations of universal vaccination against human papilloma virus
BMC Medical Ethics 2014, 15: 29 doi:10. 1186/1472-6939-15-29 
Tudela J, Estellés R, Aznar J.
Maternal-foetal immunity: an admirable design in favor of live
Medicina e Morale 2014/5: 833-845
Aznar J, Navarro-Illana P.
Therapeutic use of human embryonic stem cells
Acta Bioethica 20; 291-292,2014 


 Aznar J, Cerdá G.
Factor V Leiden carriers taking oral contraceptives have an increased risk of thrombosis
American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology 2013; 209, 156
Aznar J.
Respect for human life in assisted procreation techniques
Medicina e Morale 2013/5: 935-945
Davis Tj, Klaus H, Mascolo JM, Mozzanega B, Pedull DM, Tudela j, Yeung P.
Mechanism of action of levonorgestrel
The National Catholic  Bioethics Quarterly 12-16, 2013


Aznar J, Gómez I. P.
Possible clinical usefulness of embryonic stem cells
Revista Clínica Española 212; 403-406, 2012
Aznar Lucea J, Bellver Capella V, Casanova Mayordomo G, Torres Pons M.J.
The status of the human embryo according to Michael Sandel. T
Therapeia 4; 69.82, 2012
Aznar J.
Umbilical cord blood banks. Ethical aspects. Public versus private banks
Cuadernos de Bioética 23; 269-285, 2012
 Aznar J, Mínguez J.A.
Loss of human embryos secondary to in vitro fertilization
Medicina e Morale 4; 613-616, 2012
Aznar J, Cerdá G.
Influence of religious beliefs in the professional practice of US gynecologists
American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 207; e9, 2012. doi: 016/j.ajog.2012.06.061 


Aznar J, Sánchez J.L.
Embryonic Stem Cells: Are useful in-clinic treatments?
Journal of Physiology and Biochemistry 67; 141-144, 2011
Aznar J, Tudela J.
Ulipristal acetate. An emergency contraceptive
Medicina e Morale 2011 (nº 2); 233-245
Aznar J.
Scientific use of the term “pre-embryo”
Medicina e Morale 2011 (nº3); 485-489
Aznar J, Cerdá G.
Creation of bioartificial organs: state of the art from a scientific point of view
Medicina e Morale 2011; (nº5); 839-854


 Aznar J.
Ulipristal acetate. A new emergency contraceptive
Ethical aspects of its use. Medicina e Morale  2010 (nº1); 15-21
Aznar J.
Could iPS cells be clinically useful?
Medicina e Morale  2010 (nº2); 227-239
Aznar J,  Serani Merlo A.
Contributo del Gruppo di Studio di Lingua Spagnola en Bioética e Legge
Naturale. pag. 143-158. Ed. Lateran University Press Cittá del Vaticano. Febrero 2010


 Aznar J.
Mechanism of action of the morning-after pill
Medicina e Morale 2009 (nº3); 499-517
Aznar J.
From stem cells to iPS cells – A passionate journey
Studia Bioethica. 2, 86-94, 2009
Aznar J.
Designer babies. A question of ethics
Medicina e Morale 2009 (nº6); 1099-1119
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