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Our website includes “Special Reports” and news, based on the latest biomedical and biotechnological research findings from the world’s top medical and scientific journals. A multidisciplinary editor staff gives a medical and personalistic bioethical assessment. It is also a dynamic means of communication with our readers to reflect on these issues.
Bioethics Observatory - Institue of Life Sciences UCV

Julio Tudela participates in the V European Forum of One of Us in Lisbon

Julio Tudela, director of the Institute of Life Sciences of [...]

Spain’s new law of euthanasia discriminates conscientious objection request

The Spanish euthanasia law discriminates health care providers who request [...]

Gender transition: Is there a right to be forgotten?

Health Care Analysis has published a new study on gender [...]

Conscientious objection or good practice? New Spanish law

The recent pressures exerted on the health community, seeking to [...]

Status of women in India and sex-selective abortion. A review

On the last International Women’s Day (March 8, 2021) an [...]

Should the concept of brain death be reviewed in the United States?

“The discussion of brain death should arguably focus on the [...]

Pope Francis states that conscientious objection to abortion is non-negotiable

“You know that I am very clear about this: it [...]

Alaska’s COVID-19 crisis: Collapse of the health system

An article published in The New York Times (October 6, [...]

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