• Facial recognition systems treat databese with millions of personal data
  • databese with millions of personal data

Facial recognition related to large-scale personal data could threaten the rule of law and the autonomy of the citizen

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The archive of millions of personal data at disposal without effective restrictions, something new, at least, in democratic countries Until now, one of the conditions of a democratic state was to grant citizens privacy and autonomy. Could current quick technical advances objectively [...]

  • China atrocities continues in different field

China accused of genocide after alleged use of family planning laws to eradicate certain ethnic populations

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We have published many articles about the Chinese regime’s violation of human rights and lack of bioethical principles, from 30 years of a Malthusian family planning regime (better-known as the one-child policy, now two-child policy), the current organ harvesting from political prisoners, [...]

  • health care disparities

Disparities of health care for ethnic reasons should be resolved. Coronavirus and maternal health care data.

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Disparities in maternal health care, as reported in the February 2020 issue of the British Medical Journal,  are one of the paradigms of inequalities in women’s health care for ethnic reasons. Between 2014 and 2016, the rate of maternal death in pregnancy of white women in [...]

  • Social freezing misinformation

Social freezing misinformation

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Unquestionable medical risks and limited benefits Over the last decade, the number of women using “Social Freezing” (cryopreserving their eggs for social, non-medical reasons when they are young to use them at a later date) has increased dramatically (read HERE). According to [...]