• Brain organoides advances
  • Brain organoides advances

Experiments with ex vivo brain cells grown in lab for more than a year, mirror changes in a newborn’s brain

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The neuroscience project to study the human brain has a privileged status in biomedical research. Two great projects are encouraging these initiatives, the “BRAIN Initiative” in the United States and the Human Brain Project (HBP) in Europe. The inability to experiment on humans for [...]

  • sperm donation black market
  • sperm donation black market

New medical and ethical concerns of sperm donation and assisted reproduction in relation to coronavirus epidemic restrictions

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There is a known shortage of sperm donors in the international assisted reproduction market (read HERE). The UK legislation that bans the anonymity of gamete donors, for obvious reasons, has reduced the availability of sperm even further, a problem that has been [...]

  • Coronavirus long haulers
  • Help us understand how COVID-19

Long-haulers ravaging effects of COVID-19 in some patients and CDC’s project INSPIRE

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Last December, we published an article concerning the long-term effects of COVID-19 in patients, who are known as COVID-19 “long-haulers” (read HERE). In this respect, an article published last February 10 by Thomas Jefferson University (Philadelphia – USA) reports on a project by the US [...]

  • ethics weakness
  • ethics weakness

China continues to show ethical weakness in biomedical issues with human participants

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China’s weakness in ethics and humanitarian principles has been a continuous concern to bioethicists and defenders of human rights (read HERE and HERE). Now, an article published in the journal Nursing Ethics, entitled Development proposals of Human Research Protection Program,  shows that China’s proposal to protect human [...]

  • Assisted reproduction in Africa
  • Assisted reproduction in Africa

Assisted reproduction -ART- clinics business. Tunisia plays a relevant role in the Continent

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Assisted reproductive technology (ART) in Africa (read HERE) appears to be a minor issue, given the continent’s high birth and fertility rates, but we cannot forget so-called “reproductive tourism” and the new practice of shipping gametes overseas. Last Thursday, a Tunisian weekly [...]

  • surrogacy industry in China
  • surrogacy industry in China

National debate about surrogacy in China. The most popular actress abandoned two babies in the US, ignited a national debate about surrogacy

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The increase in surrogacy worldwide is an issue that concerns bioethicists. Several American states currently allow the practice, and New York has legalized commercial surrogacy contracts with significant financial aid and many other services (read HERE). The United Kingdom also bans surrogacy contracts but supports foreign [...]

  • HPV few vaccinations warns health care authorities
  • COVID 19 individual vaccination

FDA has raised the recommendation of HPV vaccination to 45. A HPV vaccine study strongly supports the urgent need for universal vaccination

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HPV vaccination urgent necessity due to the severe increase of STDs in Western countries. Its efficiency is supported by a recent study. The rate of STDs continues to rise in developed countries. One of these is caused by human papillomavirus (HPV), only [...]