• Sperm donor wishes
  • Sperm donor wishes

English sperm donor wins legal battle after clinic used his sperm against his wish nine times

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We have published several articles about fertility clinics' procedures (read HERE and HERE). In countries where there is non-anonymous gamete donation, these clinics should respect the donor’s wishes. In our opinion, this is in the best interests of the children produced, and [...]

  • Reassignment surgery long-term effects

Urethral complications after gender reassignment surgery: a systematic review

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More cautious approaches when undertaking gender-transition to both surgery and hormone treatments are needed A recent systematic review that included 879 articles has evaluated the impact of gender reassignment surgery on the development of urethral complications. Read more here [1]. Reassignment surgery [...]

Gene editing. The need for research with human embryos to treat diseases according to the new Nobel Prize winner

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We have published an article about The Second Summit of Gene Editing in November 2018 in Hong Kong where Jennifer Doudna said "CRISPR-Cas9 for human germline editing should not proceed at the present time” (read HERE). Now an interview published in Spanish [...]

  • antiretroviral therapy left reservoirs
  • antiretroviral therapy left reservoirs

HIV reservoirs are discovered after antiretroviral therapy. They could be the cause of long term effects in patients

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Our Observatory has published several articles on the HIV epidemic possible cures. In this sense understanding, HIV dynamics across the human body is important for cure efforts. Antiretroviral therapy studies continue to find new effects. Antiretroviral therapy left reservoirs in different tissues [...]

  • Sperm donation post mortem even without consent has been proposed some bioethicsts support the initiative.

The sperm shortage prompts fertility clinics to expand their search to unimaginable extremes. Sperm donation after death is debated in Britain

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A new approach to alleviating the shortage of sperm donors in Britain was published in the Journal of Medical Ethics (01/08/2020). The article in question mainly centers around a proposal that would allow men to give consent for their sperm to be collected [...]

  • A group of feminist gynecologists, headed by Silvana Agatone, has launched a campaign to reform the law that protect abortion conscientious objectors
  • Medical errors in hospitals are incredibly common and may now be the third-leading cause of death in the USA - claiming 251,00 lives every year, 700 per day

U.S. physicians have one of the highest rates of suicide of any profession

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For the third annual observance of National Physician Suicide Awareness Day on Sept. 17, the President of the American Medical Association published an article addressed to their associated entitled Now’s the time to have a difficult talk about physician suicide. In the [...]

  • children in single-parent households

Spot on single parent family – mother or father – as a growing trend in our societies. Children in single-parent households difficulties

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It is known that several features of life in postmodern society appear to empower individualism. One social effect is the fact that individual homes and single mother or father households have been on the increase over the last few decades in Western [...]

  • Vaccine volunteers' unnecessary exposure to the almost obsessive search
  • Vaccine volunteers' unnecessary exposure to the almost obsessive search

The United Kingdom allows scientists to infect healthy volunteers in questioned coronavirus trials

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A recent article published in The Washington Post reported that "Beginning in January, British researchers will infect fewer than 100 healthy young adults with the novel coronavirus to determine how much virus is necessary to spark an active infection. The researchers hope [...]

  • neural interface technologies
  • Brain computer devices can violate person's privacy and opens the possibility of new ways of manipulating people’s behavior

Mind and machine. The ethics of brain-computer technologies

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Last September, the Royal Society launched a report entitled iHuman: Blurring lines between mind and machine addressing neural interface technologies, the life-changing opportunities, and challenges, of brain-computer devices. See HERE an example. Devices that interact with the nervous system Neural interfaces are [...]

  • Death moment debated
  • Death moment debated

No medical consensus on the moment of the death of a person. Issue that affects public trust

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Determining the moment of death remains of singular importance for ethically assessing organ donation. Our Observatory has published many articles about this issue. A recent study discusses the issue, with particular reference to Lewis and colleagues' recent proposition to the revision of [...]

  • CRISPR genome editing discoverers
  • CRISPR genome editing discoverers

Researchers who discovered CRISPR genome editing awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2020

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CRISPR genome editing discoverers Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Our Observatory has published many articles about gene-editing advances in biomedicine and their bioethical implications (read HERE). Since Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer A. Doudna developed the novel [...]