• gender-affirming treatments banned
  • gender-affirming treatments banned

Several American states are prohibiting gender affirming Medical Care for minors

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Gender-affirming treatments banned to protect of serious damages in youth's body  The medical risk of gender-affirming treatments aimed at suppressing puberty in diagnosed transgender children is a delicate issue that involves medical, psychiatric, social and ethical aspects. Current treatment is under debate [...]

  • Women teams challenges

American states are in a move to ban transgender women athletes from participating in women’s sports

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A ban of transwomen playing in women's sports teams reignited the controversy and renowned transwoman support the exclusion The controversy of transwomen playing in women's sports teams continues. Transsexual activist defends the right of transwomen but women's teams don't agree. We have [...]

  • COVID 19 universal vaccine
  • COVID 19 universal vaccine

A single universal vaccine against developing viruses that can cause COVID-19 should be a global public health priority

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There is no doubt that there is a risk that SARS-CoV-2 will continue to mutate, which would mean that existing vaccines may not be effective. Producing a universal vaccine against developing viruses that can cause COVID-19 is, therefore, an absolute necessity. Developing [...]

  • vaccinating pregnant women
  • vaccinating pregnant women

Antibodies generated in pregnant women vaccinated against COVID-19 can pass to their children

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Robust immune response in pregnant women vaccinated with mRNA vaccines In a previous special report (read HERE), we referred to the advisability of COVID-19 vaccination for pregnant women. Very briefly, we concluded that, in general, American gynecologists do not see any particular [...]

  • research with human embryos
  • Chimera experimentation

Partial removal of Trump’s restrictions on federal funding for research using fetal tissues from elective abortions

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A long debate on the scientific, legal and bioethical implications of the sale of organs of aborted fetuses and their use for experimentations was partially resolved by a restriction imposed by the previous Administration in 2019, which prohibited the financing of this practice with [...]

  • investment in vaccines production
  • investment in vaccine production
  • investment in vaccine production

More investment in vaccines production would accelerate the rate of vaccination and reduce huge economic losses

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A recent article published in Science in the section COVID-19: Economics, last March 12 (read HERE) evaluates the global economical losses caused by the pandemic and proposes a solution to reduce them. The article reviews the current economic crisis and the future [...]

  • Surrogacy is prohibited in almost all Western countries, but the industry of surrogacy continues to grow. Recently, for example, New York State (US) legislation announced its support for commercial contracts between the surrogate mother and the intended parents, who may or may not be the child’s biological parents. Institutions defending women’s and children’s rights are strongly opposed to this practice. Indeed it is the first time that an assisted reproduction technology (ART) procedure has been regulated by a commercial contract. We have published several articles on this subject, which our readers can read HERE. Last March, an issue of the European Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Volume 258 – Pages 1-8) published a review article entitled Bioethical issues and legal frameworks of surrogacy: A global perspective about the right to health and dignity. The main question is if surrogacy is prohibited in so many Western countries, how do we explain the rapid increase in the number of surrogate children in these same countries? In this respect, our Observatory published two articles showing the medical, ethical, and social difficulties of surrogacy (read HERE). We have also published a scientific paper in The Linacre Quarterly, entitled Gestational Surrogacy: Current View. Read related article HERE The authors of the aforementioned review propose a solution: “The lack of regulation on cross-border surrogacy in low-income countries can undermine the dignity and rights of women as even modest economic compensation determines a significant purchasing power. The international effort should be aimed at creating an international regulatory framework from which guidelines useful to national governments derive. An international agreement would provide a solid legal basis for the protection of surrogate women. In order to limit the economic interests linked to procreative tourism, so as to truly protect global health and women’s rights, legislative uniformity is, therefore, necessary between the various states [our emphasis]”. From our perspective, the authors proposed solution of creating “guidelines useful to national governments” would legalize a practice that has objective ethical problems, namely the objectification of the mother and child and the well-know
  • surrogacy legalization

Babies born from a surrogate mother. Who has parental responsibility before the intended parents obtain the parental order?

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The parent consent responsibility for babies before parental or adoption is obtained by intended parents appears to be almost unknown by medical pediatric staff. Parental responsibility (PR) regarding consent for babies before a parental or adoption order is obtained by the intended [...]