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Embryos and embryonic models: new possibilities, new dilemmas

By |2023-09-08T12:17:26+02:00September 8th, 2023|Adult Stem Cells, Bioethics, BIOETHICS NEWS, Embryonic Stem Cells, Human embryos, SPECIAL REPORTS|

An article recently published in the journal Cell, raises the [...]

Is the use of artificial embryos ethical?

By |2023-01-27T12:20:34+01:00January 27th, 2023|Bioethics, BIOETHICS NEWS, Ethics of Scientific Research and Medical clinic, Human embryos, SPECIAL REPORTS|

Artificial embryos, also called embryoids, embryonic models or blastoids, are [...]

Donated embryo pregnancies are associated with an increased risk of hypertensive disorders even in young women

By |2023-01-31T13:50:19+01:00January 11th, 2023|Assisted reproduction and IVF, Bioethics, BIOETHICS NEWS, NEWS and VIEWS|

A recent retrospective study published in Fertility and Sterility has [...]

Synthetic embryoids. Could they be the solution to the shortage of organs for transplantation?

By |2022-09-12T13:53:56+02:00September 12th, 2022|Bioethics, BIOETHICS NEWS, Genetics and Genomics, SPECIAL REPORTS, Synthetic Biology|

The suffix oid is Greek in origin, and may be [...]

Study proposes a novel method to predict risks of common diseases in pre-implantation embryos

By |2022-07-04T13:11:02+02:00April 22nd, 2022|Assisted reproduction and IVF, Bioethics, BIOETHICS NEWS, Genetics and Genomics, Human embryos, Preimplantational genetic diagnosis, SPECIAL REPORTS|

Last month, a team of 16 researchers, led by Dr. [...]