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Can bioethical objections be raised to the use of CRISPR to repair infarcted hearts?

By |2023-02-13T14:29:20+01:00February 7th, 2023|Bioethics, BIOETHICS NEWS, Genetics and Genomics, SPECIAL REPORTS|

On January 13, the prestigious journal Science, of the American [...]

United States Supreme Court supports Texas heartbeat law that banned abortion

By |2022-01-25T14:37:11+01:00September 3rd, 2021|Abortion, Bioethics, BIOETHICS NEWS, NEWS and VIEWS|

Legislation banning abortion — so-called heartbeat laws — are a [...]

Rare heart inflammation cases in youth after being vaccinated concerns authorities and parents

By |2021-08-23T09:38:08+02:00July 13th, 2021|Bioethics, BIOETHICS NEWS, Coronavirus pandemic, Ethics of Scientific Research and Medical clinic, NEWS and VIEWS|

Vaccination of young people is a priority of the US [...]

Hopeful lines of experimentation to recover lost heart muscle and function

By |2021-01-28T09:15:54+01:00January 27th, 2021|Adult Stem Cells, Bioethics, Cell therapy, Embryonic Stem Cells, NEWS and VIEWS, Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cells|

The first trials were carried out twenty years ago, in [...]

3D bioprinted heart organoid with iPS cells has robust electromechanical function

By |2021-01-17T19:41:25+01:00January 14th, 2021|Bioethics, BIOETHICS NEWS, biomedical research, BOOKS OF INTERES, BRIEF NEWS, Stem Cells|

A 3D bioprinted organoid that mimics an animal heart has [...]

Discover of the cells responsible for repairing the damage after heart attack

By |2020-09-30T13:13:29+02:00September 29th, 2020|Bioethics, BRIEF NEWS, Cell therapy|

Last Friday Circulation Journal published an article with an international [...]

Animal testing. Regeneration of heart cells following a heart attack in mice

By |2020-06-15T12:20:17+02:00June 15th, 2020|Animal Testing, Bioethics, BRIEF NEWS|

It is generally agreed that adult heart muscle cells (cardiomyocytes) [...]

The heart of the human fetus could starts beating earlier than previously thought

By |2020-05-14T13:36:21+02:00May 14th, 2020|Animal Testing, Bioethics, BRIEF NEWS, Human embryos|

An experimental study in mice has found that the heart [...]

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