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Controversy on transsexuals’ medical treatment. “I believe I’m proof no man can truly become a woman” warns Leanne.

By |2019-01-17T08:45:16+01:00January 11th, 2019|BIOETHICS NEWS, NEWS, Transsexuality|

Leanne is a transsexual who, at 34, had sex reassignment [...]

Transsexuals suffer “chronic stress associated with higher prevalence of HIV infection, substance use disorders and suicidal tendencies”

By |2019-12-04T11:51:21+01:00January 10th, 2019|BIOETHICS NEWS, Mental heath, NEWS, Transsexuality|

Transsexual people assume a gender identity that differs from biological [...]

Transsexual (female-to-male) dies after undergoing a sex reassignment hysterectomy surgery

By |2017-10-19T11:59:05+02:00October 19th, 2017|Medical Deontology, NEWS, Transsexuality|

A 25-year-old Georgia (U.S.A.) woman, Rebeccah Feldhaus, who wanted to [...]

Another young female-to-male transsexual wants to become a girl again after receiving hormonal treatment

By |2017-09-08T13:59:46+02:00September 8th, 2017|BRIEF NEWS, Transsexuality, Uncategorized|

A dysfunctional family, complicated adolescence, transsexual propaganda on the internet, [...]

High suicide rates in American transsexuals. 40% had attempted suicide

By |2018-06-21T11:31:07+02:00August 23rd, 2017|BRIEF NEWS, Demography, Gender Ideology, NEWS, Sexuality and STDs, Transsexuality|

Adults who undergo sex reassignment—even in Sweden, which is among [...]