• Coronavirus experts' request

Spanish scientists urge the government apply stricter measures against coronavirus in some regions of Spain

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Yesterday, March 27, 2020, the prestigious scientific journal “The Lancet” published an important document (read HERE) in which 62 Spanish scientists, including Valencian scientist Jose Maria Benlloch, suggested action that should be taken by the [...]

  • Intolerable pain is used to justify it but specialists dont think so.Euthanasia critical stance from a bioethcal point of view

Euthanasia comes to Spain. Medical, legal and social reflection

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The Bioethics Observatory of the Catholic University of Valencia has drawn up a document entitled, “Euthanasia comes to Spain. Medical, legal and social reflection”, in which we synthetically evaluate the possible legalization of euthanasia in [...]

  • CRISPR gene editing applications

CRISPR promises. Some of the most recent advances in CRISPR gene editing

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CRISPR gene editing applications The CRISPR gene editing tool has opened possibilities for application in multiple areas, including medicine, agriculture, and livestock, among others. An issue that has been the subject of several articles published [...]

  • death by donation

“Death by donation”. Harvesting organs from still-living persons

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"Undergo surgery in an operating theatre to remove their organs while still alive" An interesting and at the same time highly disturbing article published in  Intensive Care Medicine volume 45, pages1309–1311(2019) discusses the procurement of organs for transplants [...]

  • "We don't quite know what to do with them." Frozen embryos abandoned review. A relevant bioethical issue that our societies are neglecting

Frozen human embryos are collapsing fertility clinics capacity of storage. Bioethical approach

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Frozen embryos abandoned. Short review Earlier this year, CBS News published an interesting review with the evocative title Tens of thousands of embryos are stuck in limbo in fertility clinics, an issue we have addressed several times in our [...]

  • 3D bioprinting major advancement. Ineluctable future for complex surgery in confined environments where no available tissue or organ donors will be found

3D bioprinting for regenerative medicine and to produce organs. State of the art and an ethical reflection

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A recent article published in the Journal of Stomatology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Volume 120, Issue 2, April 2019, Pages 128-132) made a great review with the suggestive title 3D Bioprinting: principles, fantasies and prospects. It [...]

  • CRISPR gene editing applications

A review of the relationship between same sex attraction and genetics: new findings for an old dilemma

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Introduction Much has been written about the factors that trigger same-sex attraction and homosexual behavior. The possible existence of genetic determinants that are detectable in individuals with homosexual orientation has been the subject of study [...]

  • demographic winter in Europe

Demographic winter in Europe. Replacement levels fails to meet generational replacement based in Eurostat’s recent data

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Europe does not meet generational replacement levels, which is probably one of the most serious social problems in this part of the world. Never has it been more justified to assign Europe the classic name [...]

  • If a procedure within the scope of practice is not clinically indicated objection then it should qualify for CO. As abortion conscientious objection is

Journal of Medical Ethics article defends conscientious objection on the same grounds on which has been heavily criticised: abortion provision

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Under the provocative title of Questionable benefits and unavoidable personal beliefs: defending conscientious objection for abortion, an article in the Journal of Medical Ethics (JME) has defended the conscientious objection of medical professionals in the [...]