Review of near-death experiences after clinical death by a neuroscientist

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Near-death experiences are triggered during singular life-threatening episodes when the body is injured by a heart attack, shock, or blunt trauma such as an explosion or a fall. These events share broad commonalities: becoming pain-free, seeing a bright light at the end of a tunnel, or detaching from one's body and floating above it and even flying off into space. Why the mind should experience the struggle to sustain its operations in the face of a loss of blood flow and oxygen as positive and blissful rather than as panic-inducing remains a mystery.

  • women healthcare rights
  • women healthcare rights

Geneva Consensus Declaration Promoting Women’s Health, Life rights and Strengthening the Family signed by 29 countries representing over 1.6 billion people

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Women healthcare rights are not in conflict with the right to life of the unborn The U.S., Brazil, Polonia, Hungary, Indonesia, and Uganda on Thursday co-sponsored the Geneva Consensus Declaration with a virtual signing ceremony [...]

  • Opioids valuable analgesic efficacy

Opiods valuable analgesic efficacy. Epidemic and the controversy surrounding its abuse in the U.S.

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Introduction A dossier published in The Washington Post discusses the conflict that has emerged in the US with the advertising and prescription of opioid analgesics, as a result of the manipulation of information detected in [...]

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Ethical concerns in prenatal genetic tests (NIPT). Could they be used for discriminate before birth?

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Non-invasive prenatal genetic testing NIPT is a method that uses maternal blood to detect fetal chromosomal abnormalities and other characteristics in early pregnancy, with no risks for the fetus. This makes it a promising method [...]

  • Embryo person category embryo embryo from fecundation
  • embryo from fecundation

The status of person of the human embryo from fecundation

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"The ultimate postmodern injustice is the refusal to recognise certain human individuals as persons" * Introduction Embryo biological self-governance from fecundation The continuing advances of science in the area of embryology leave little doubt about [...]