• Opioids valuable analgesic efficacy

Opiods valuable analgesic efficacy. Epidemic and the controversy surrounding its abuse in the U.S.

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Introduction A dossier published in The Washington Post discusses the conflict that has emerged in the US with the advertising and prescription of opioid analgesics, as a result of the manipulation of information detected in [...]

  • prenatal genetic test
  • Down people discrimination

Ethical concerns in prenatal genetic tests (NIPT). Could they be used for discriminate before birth?

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Non-invasive prenatal genetic testing NIPT is a method that uses maternal blood to detect fetal chromosomal abnormalities and other characteristics in early pregnancy, with no risks for the fetus. This makes it a promising method [...]

  • Embryo person category embryo biological self-governance
  • embryo biological self-governance

The status of person of the human embryo from fecundation

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"The ultimate postmodern injustice is the refusal to recognise certain human individuals as persons" * Introduction Embryo biological self-governance from fecundation The continuing advances of science in the area of embryology leave little doubt about [...]

  • Men and women dimorphism affects their anatomy, physiology, endocrine, nervous systems and brain. So brain difference between sexes affect their capacities

Male versus female brains controversy. Scientific evidence of their differences

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Brains functioning differences define whether an individual is male or female  Introduction Analyses of the behavioral differences between men and women have led many researchers to try to establish similarities in the brain structure that [...]