The development of new tools in medicine thanks to technology has also produced that their indiscriminate use can cause the relationship between doctor and patient to be lost in delicate moments that would require a more empathic treatment in the case of serious ailments.

In this sense, the head of the Bioethics Group of the Spanish Society of General Practitioners (SEMG), Jacinto Bátiz, has offered some statements to Redacción Médica, in which he pronounces on the ethicality of the use of apps to communicate medical diagnoses to patients.

Bátiz believes that the interview with the patient should not be replaced by the use of mobile applications and assures that we have begun to normalize this way of communicating. According to him, only in exceptional situations could it be acceptable if the meeting between doctor and patient were impossible, but not as a tool to replace that relationship.

In addition, “although there are more and more ways to contact patients, they should be asked in the consent form what their preference would be to know the result of a biopsy. Physicians know the impact of a negative result on a patient and that it is more difficult to be empathetic through the mobile”, says the doctor.


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