Arkansas Senate approves a law protecting healthcare workers’ right to conscientious objection

Last February 10, the Arkansas Senate approved a law that [...]

South Dakota’s Gov. Noem introduces bill to ban abortions based on Down syndrome diagnosis

Last January 25 a news of Associated Press, published in [...]

Worldwide use of contraceptives latest figures. Some of them are abortives

A recent review published in BMJ entitled Pregravid contraceptive use [...]

HIV rapid diagnosis. Home self-test kits avaliable by phone and internet

Characteristics of the HIV self-testing kit: The BioSURE HIV self-testing [...]

3D bioprinted heart organoid with iPS cells has robust electromechanical function

A 3D bioprinted organoid that mimics an animal heart has [...]

The cost for authors or academic institutions of publishing an article in the “open access” system of the Nature publishing group

The German government is reaching an agreement with the Nature [...]

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Evaluation of conscientious objection to participate in abortions in South Korea

The power to exercise conscientious objection if one does not [...]