When artificial means of human reproduction are used supplanting the natural means proper to human nature

The strategy to use frozen embryos in IVF could help to resolve the collapsing of fertility clinics capacity of storage

Two large studies concluded that embryos fresh or frozen options [...]

Genome editing as a reproductive option to avoid inherited diseases. Ethical concerns

It is well known that there are different options available [...]

IVF people claims for their right to know. DNA tests allow to know faher identity despite the law protect anonymity of gamete donor.

Thanks to DNA tests and the internet but mainly to [...]

Assisted reproduction clinics ethics concerns and gametes donation system a true pandora box

We have authored several articles questioning the reliability of IVF [...]

The Poly-Parents revolution is coming. 3 or more parents’ babies are proposed as a common IVF practice

A recent article published in The New York Times (August [...]

New York State web promote gestational surrogacy commercial contracts

The law will take effect next year with the financial [...]

Boris Johnson’s staff is accused of eugenics thoughts

Four months ago, Boris Johnson named Dominic Cummings as a [...]

Bioethical debate on the principle of Procreative Beneficence

The principle of Procreative Beneficence (PB) developed by Julian Savulescu [...]

Justo Aznar and Julio Tudela of our Observatory have collaborated in the writing of the book “ Innovations In Assisted Reproduction Technology” edited in London UK

Justo Aznar, Director of the Institute of Life Sciences at [...]