The Bioethics Observatory of the Catholic University of Valencia has received an award from the association of large families Más de Dos, in recognition of its work in favor of human life, the family and a more just society. The event coincided with the 20th anniversary of the Más de Dos foundation and with International Family Day.

The director of the Bioethics Observatory, Julio Tudela, thanked the award on behalf of the team that makes up the Observatory. And he stated that “this award has surprised us a lot and encourages us to continue working from the Observatory to defend life, defend the good for people, so that science contributes to good, to freedom, to dignity, to equality.”

He also stated that “the heart of life, where it is welcomed and must be respected from its beginning to its natural end, is the family. Therefore, defending life is defending the family, and defending the family, which is what you do, is defending life.” Furthermore, the bioethicist recalled in his speech his predecessor Justo Aznar, first director of the Bioethics Observatory, whom he described as an extraordinary scientist of whom we are his disciples, his children, and his admirers.

The Bioethics Observatory is made up of renowned researchers. Our website publishes articles related to human life, new biotechnological aspects that may affect it, biomedicine topics and research carried out that has ethical implications. In addition, it reflects the bioethical news of the moment. The topics are studied and discussed with great scientific rigor by professionals from different areas of thought.


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