41 congenital malformations identified in a region of France, the only one with a rigister of this kind

On 30 October last year, REMERA (Register of Congenital Malformations in the Rhône-Alpes region) announced that it had identified eleven cases of children born without hands, arms or forearms. The news was received with concern, expectation and disbelief. Some of the specialists at REMERA believe that some cases may be linked to environmental problems: proximity to agricultural areas where dangerous pesticides could be used. For others, such an eventuality is not evident. On behalf of Public Health, François Bourdillon adopted an “intermediate” position, stating that: “We don’t want to rule anything out. Perhaps it’s to do with the environment, or something they ate, or something they drank. Perhaps it’s what they breathed…”. The specialists prefer to await the official conclusions of Public Health, reiterating the complexity and difficulty of the analysis (see HERE).



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