A new ruling of the French Court of cassation ruled that the hospital in Reims, northeastern France, could, now, stop feeding and hydration that have kept Lambert alive since a motorcycle accident in 2008. A clear case of violation of coma patients’ rights. He has almost no consciousness but can breathe without a respirator and occasionally moves his eyes. (CBS News, June 28, 2019). Mother and father of Vicent Lambert denounced the court decision as “madness”, the pair said that their son is merely handicapped and have fought to have him moved to a specialist treatment unit.

Coma patients right to live is overwritten by the French court creating a dangerous precedent

Oral food and drink belong in this category of basic human care 

Vincent Lambert can breathe on his own, but is it ethical to withdraw oral feeding and hydration from him?. We quote, in this sense, the assessment of a renowned specialist, Powell, director of the Bioethics Center at the Faculty of Medicine at Yeshiva University in New York, that said “An advance directive (in Lambert case, without a written consent and the contradictory opinions of the members of his family) cannot appropriately ask that basic nourishment be withheld from a patient, such as they cannot be bathed or kept warm. Oral food and drink belong in this category of basic human care.” read HERE).

Sebastopol Hospital in Reims has been denounced for murder

The father of Vincent Lambert has denounced his son’s “murder” after a French hospital began removing him from life support. “It’s murder in disguise, it’s euthanasia,” Pierre Lambert told journalists at Sebastopol hospital in the north-eastern city of Reims on Sunday, where his son has been in a vegetative state since a car accident in 2008 (The Guardian, July 8, 2019).

We support the position of the parents of Vincent Lambert and we regret the judicial ruling that opens the door to comatose patients euthanasia.

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