Past summer, “Gender Ideology” was dealt a devastating blow, oddly enough in the countries that pioneered this theory, when the Nordic Council of Ministers (regional inter-governmental co-operation consisting of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland) closed down the NIKK Nordic Gender Institute. It is notable that the news had little impact among us, perhaps because it is a dominant ideology that does not allow other alternatives to its way of thinking. Freedom of thought is sacred, but with two conditions: that we do not try to impose it on anyone, and that one is truly free to express an opinion.

NIKK had been the promoter of “Gender Ideology” and provided the “scientific” basis for the social and educational policies that, since 1970, had helped Nordic countries to become known as the most “gender sensitive”. The decision to close the Institute was taken after Norwegian State Television broadcast a documentary exposing the completely anti-scientific character of the NIKK and their “research”. Why did the Inter-governmental Council decide to close it? Because the television program (it can be viewed on YouTube under the title “brainwash” (first part, second part), with a relaxed, unprejudiced interviewer, laid bare the minds of NIKK.

In the documentary, the reporter, Harold Eia, asked the leading researchers and scientists at NIKK some innocent questions. He then sent the answers to scientists throughout the world, especially the United Kingdom and the United States. The answers provoked laughter and incredulity among the international scientific community, because this ideology is not supported by any empirical research. After filming these reactions, Eia returned to Oslo and showed them to the NIKK researchers, who were left speechless and completely unable to defend their assumptions. A few innocent questions were enough to dismantle the myth of gender ideology on a Norwegian TV show.

Italian book, “I want Mom: from the left against false progress”

In Italy, a book has been published, “I want Mom: from the left against false progress”, written by Mario Adinolfi, cofounder of the Italian democratic party (Walter Veltroni’s left), which explains in many ways how and what gender ideology affects, and encourages its readers to fight rationally against it. It is motivated by laws and sentences that, based on this ideology, support the same things that we are already familiar with in Spain.In one passage he writes, for example: “We must proclaim a truth: we are men and women…what gender studies! And not only that…we all come from the union of a man and a woman. All of us. Equally. This is a truth and, as Husserl said, the truth has one characteristic: it is self-evident, there is no need to prove it”.

Gender ideology will say that both roles come to be a social construction and not a determination of our genitalia

In Beijing 1995 it was said that the expression “gender ideology” refers to the relationships between men and women based on socially defined roles that are assigned to one or other sex. What it means to be a man or a woman has nothing to do with the biological reality, but with the functions that society has assigned to each sex. Ordinary people will be amazed, but this ideology forces society to assign us one role or another according to sex, but considers that we are not women or men by virtue of our genitalia. After that, some are raised in masculinity and others in femininity. Gender ideology will say that both roles come to be a social construction and not a determination of our genitalia. Therefore, the right thing is what each person chooses.
It would be a very long journey through the events before and after that meeting in Beijing, but what is certain is that this question of not identifying biological sex with what each person is, has been moving to the legislations of various countries, and of course ours (Spain). The latest is perhaps an Andalucian law on the issue. I read an article where it said that it is an offense not to be in agreement with this matter. I started by saying that everyone can say what they want, except living by imposing their doctrine (even with warning of a criminal offense) without any opportunity to respond. One can become a homophobe, misogynist or transexophobe (I think that I read that word or something similar). And be persecuted by the authorities.

I will not condemn anyone, but I refuse to have anything imposed on me, not even faith, because imposed faith is no use. They can bring up religious wars, the inquisition or whatever they like, but I prefer that we are all respectful to everyone. They can also say once again that the Church has to move with the times that we live in, but I think -and I say so bluntly- that often it is the times that slip from our hands, that is, that fashions, ideas or customs appear that should be more in line with the nature of things. From listening to diverse opinion, I think it possible to say calmly that sexuality is that human dimension by virtue of which the person is capable of a specific personal contribution, as man or woman (Pablo Cabellos Llorente.Las Provincias, 1 December 2014).


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