Palliative care is well established in the United Kingdom, where its practice began in 1967 by Cicely Saunders in St. Christopher’s Hospital.  However, despite its intrinsic goodness, a report on April this year highlighted several limitations in its use, namely that: it focuses too much on cancer patients; it is underdeveloped in care-home settings.  There are difficulties also in the application of palliative care in patients aged over 85 years, those living in marginal and deprived areas and people from certain racial minorities. It also notes that only some hospitals offer palliative care service 24 hours a day, seven days a week (The Lancet 385). Dr. Ross Taylor recently said to The Guardian, NHS England welcomed recent progress but stressed that more needed to be done to ensure better and more consistent care. “Although this audit presents a snapshot of the end of life care within NHS hospitals, there are clear variations in the support and services received across hospitals and areas where improvements must continue to be made.”



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