A Californian woman, Brittney Rose Torres, a surrogate mother pregnant with triplets, has received a request from the contracting parents to abort one of the foetuses because they do not want three babies. While the likelihood of triplets was not impossible, it did not enter into the contracting parents’ plans, and they asked her to abort one of the foetuses. Apparently, two embryos were transferred, and the surrogate mother had made it quite clear to the couple that she would not abort any babies. This meant that if the pregnancy went ahead, one or two babies would be born, and the couple agreed. However, as they say, nature breaks through and beyond medical control, and one of the embryos sub-divided, resulting in twin boys. The couple had agreed to pay the surrogate 25 thousand dollars for the pregnancy, and a further 5 thousand dollars if it was a twin pregnancy. However, having triplets did not enter into their plans, and they asked her to abort one. According to the contracting parents, the reason for aborting the baby is medical. However, Brittney Rose has spoken with the doctors about this, and has been assured that the three foetuses are progressing satisfactorily, so there is no medical reason to interrupt the pregnancy (Minutouno.com. 17-XII-2015).



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