The Canadian government has legalised euthanasia and assisted suicide. The new legislation approved by Trudeau’s government does not, in principle, provide for assisted dying for children, although it does not exclude it completely by accepting that cases of mentally ill patients and “mature minors” must be analysed individually by independent teams.

UNICEF Canada has declared itself in defence of the legalisation of assisted dying for minors. The UN-dependent organisation assures that its mission is to protect children and defend their rights, so UNICEF in Canada advocates using euthanasia for seriously ill children. UNICEF Canada’s policy director, Marvin Bernstein, in a speech in the Canadian Senate, argued that if assisted dying for adults had been provided for, one question arose: “Why not also assisted suicide in children for other groups of people, such as mature minors?” (read HERE). The euthanasia law in question was approved by the Canadian Parliament in June.

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Photo: Catholic Online