An article in the Italian newspaper La Stampa with this suggestive title: The Pope on abortion and those memory-less commentators (17 6 2018) made a detailed review of the different papers and speeches from the very beginning of his pontificate. We quote the most significative of them.

The author begins “Selective abortions compared to the practices of the Nazis, although made today “with white gloves”. The family, the image of God, is formed by the marriage of a man and a woman. Pope Francis’ strong words during his audience with the Forum of Family Associations have made headlines causing different reactions. It seems sincerely specious and even laughable the reaction of those gloating because “at last” Bergoglio would have adapted to certain standards on ethical issues. Reactions that might be suitable for certain newspaper headlines, but that can only be made by those who have forgotten or pretend to have forgotten the public words that the Argentine Pope has dedicated to these issues since the beginning of his pontificate.  

“Francis had put a clear and definitive word rejecting abortion on paper from the very beginning, in the apostolic exhortation “Evangelii Gaudium”, the programmatic document of his pontificate, which in paragraph 214, on the subject of abortion, states: “Precisely because this involves the internal consistency of our message about the value of the human person, the Church cannot be expected to change her position on this question. I want to be completely honest in this regard. This is not something subject to alleged reforms or “modernizations”. It is not “progressive” to try to resolve problems by eliminating a human life. On the other hand, it is also true that we have done little to adequately accompany women in very difficult situations, where abortion appears as a quick solution to their profound anguish, especially when the life developing within them is the result of rape or a situation of extreme poverty. Who can remain unmoved before such painful situations?”

“It is a crime, it is absolutely evil”

The words on “ideological colonization” dedicated in a particular way to abortion and gender ideology, presented as cultural forms imposed on poor countries, are dated January 2015 and have been repeated, deepened, elaborated several times. In February 2016, in a dialogue with journalists aboard the plane returning from Mexico, Francis said that “Abortion is not a “lesser evil”. It is a crime. It is wiping out one to save another. That is what the mafia does. It is a crime, it is absolutely evil”, thus making a dramatic comparison between the killing of children in the womb and the massacres of organized crime.  

“In the last century, the whole world was scandalized by what the Nazis did to maintain the purity of the race. Today we do the same, but with white gloves”.  Pope Francis, 16 June 2018

The author continues quoting Pope Francis year by year. We cite the latest speeches,

  • “On May 30, 2018, speaking to Catholic doctors, he invited them to engage in “discussions regarding legislation on sensitive ethical issues, such as termination, end of life and genetic medicine”. Calling for a defence of the “freedom of conscience, of doctors and of all health care workers. It is unacceptable that your role is reduced to simply carry out the will of the sick person or the needs of the health system in which you work”.  These are just a few of the examples that can be traced. Words, expressions, comparisons and examples that for hardness have no precedent in the previous pontificates.

“Do we send it away?”

  • On Saturday 16 June, speaking impromptu with the Forum of Family Associations, after having dwelt on the beauty of family life, love between the spouses, the difficulties of married life, the need to prepare well for marriage, the Pope made a reference to selective abortion (in our opinion the cruellest face of abortion, see HERE our special report about prenatal diagnosis) and the family that is “image of God”.  “Children are the greatest gift. Always, even when “they are sick, children that are welcomed as they come, as God sends them, as God permits – even if they are sometimes sick. I have heard that it is fashionable – or at least it is customary that when tests are carried out to see if the baby is not well or comes with some problem during the first months of pregnancy, the first proposal asked is: “Do we send it away? The murder of children … to keep a quiet life someone innocent is taken out,” (see our special report Ethical concerns in prenatal genetic tests. Could they be used to discriminate before birth?). And he continued: “When I was a boy, the history teacher told us what the Spartans did when a child with malformations was born: they take them to the mountain and throw them off a cliff, to take care of “the purity of the race”. And we were left struck: “But how, how can you do this, poor children! It was an atrocity. Today we are doing the sameYou wonder why you don’t see so many dwarves on the street? Because the protocol of many doctors – many, not all – is to ask the question: “is it coming out wrong? I say this with pain. In the last century, the whole world was scandalized by what the Nazis did to maintain the purity of the race. Today we do the same, but with white gloves”.

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Andrea Tornelli

La Stampa – Italia




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