Last December, in the regional court in Waldshut (Germany), civil proceedings were opened against pharmaceutical company Bayer because of the higher risks of serious adverse reactions associated with  hormones of Bayer contraceptives.

The claimant, Felicitas Rohrer, suffered a severe pulmonary embolism after taking Yasmin and by some miracle survived. Rohrer commented: “I am glad that at last proceedings have begun in Germany. There are so many countries where lawsuits are pending against Bayer for contraceptive pills containing drospirenone, and large sums have been paid for compensation”.

The German woman is suing the pharmaceutical company for 200,000 Euros in damages for the suffering it caused her. Her lawyer also represents eight other claimants. In France, the national health insurance no longer pays the costs for pills containing drospirenone, and the number of lethal thromboses in young women has fallen markedly. Health authorities in the United Kingdom, the Benelux countries, Denmark and Norway have given out warnings about the increased risks of taking these pills. In 2014, Bayer’s turnover for these drugs amounted to 768 million Euros. In 2014, the German company had to pay out more than 1200 million dollars for nearly 9000 lawsuits in the United States. Other Bayer contraceptive methods are also in the spotlight (ANDOC, 17-IX-2015).


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