This can be done by natural means or by artificial means

More evidence on the risks of oral hormonal contraception

A recent study provides worrying evidence on the relationship between [...]

The first male contraceptive pill on the horizon

Nature Communications has just published the findings of a study coordinated by Jochen Buck [...]

The male contraceptive pill is ready for human trials

The male contraceptive pill is not hormonal and drastically reduces [...]

Gestational surrogacy in US. Only New York State promotes surrogacy commercial contracts

The New York State Legislature passes the so-called Child-Parent Security [...]

Latest figures for global contraceptive use

A recent review published in BMJ entitled Pregravid contraceptive use [...]

China: demographic crisis out of control

China's demographic control policy has been an issue of concern, [...]

Trump Administration questions UN’s “Global Humanitarian Response Plan” to the COVID-19 pandemic

UN response to pandemic questioned Political differences between the Trump [...]

American Supreme court rules in favour of conscientious objection of employers

Bioethics and conscientious objection have a close relationship from a [...]

New systematic review on the abortive effect of IUD devices

An extensive systematic review published recently assesses the current scientific [...]

Free contraceptives for 12-year-old French children

Access to free contraceptives for 12-year-old children is becoming ever [...]

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