This can be done by natural means or by artificial means

American Supreme court rules in favour of conscientious objection of employers. A long debate finally closed

Bioethics and conscientious objection have a close relationship from a [...]

China accused of genocide after alleged use of family planning laws to eradicate certain ethnic populations

We have published many articles about the Chinese regime’s violation [...]

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law gestational surrogacy commercial contracts

"The global surrogacy market is expected to pass $27.5 billion [...]

New systematic review of abortion effect of IUD devices. It is one of the contraceptive devices most used in western countries

Ideological and political motivations have been imposed on scientific criteria [...]

Free contraceptives for French children at age 12

Access to free birth control pills from age 12 is [...]

Why is contraceptives potential risk of depression and suicide little-recognized? It mainly affects adolescents

The fact that oral contraceptives can have objective side effects, [...]

Kenya has banned the American flagship organization Marie Stopes from promoting abortion

Abortion colonialism is stopped. Kenya accused the previous US government [...]

500 English Catholic priests adhere to the ban on contraception while the English Government asks the Vatican for its repeal

English debate about the Church's contraception ban   On June [...]

A new step in contraception without pills. The projected contraceptive vaccine

A contraceptive vaccine which mechanism of action destroys a human [...]

Oral contraceptives thromboembolic side effects new findings

The fact that oral contraceptives have negative medical effects is [...]