Alabama governor signs surgical and chemical abortion ban into law. It reignited abortion debate

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed the state's controversial near-total abortion [...]

Rebuild trust between doctors-patients and healthcare institutions is claimed

An article publised in JAMA (January 24, 2019) treats a medical [...]

Social freezing trend. Fertility experts call for ditching of UK’s 10-year limit on egg-freezing

Fertility experts have urged the government to overturn “discriminatory” fertility [...]

New Brain chips to make humans super intelligent. Is it worthy idea to pursue?

See video below A recent article in The Time affirms, [...]

Current knowledge does not justify universal genetic tests for newborns, scientists and ethicists affirms

As discussed in an article in The Lancet, Francis Collins, [...]

The biological sexual identity is once again adopted by the American Administration

Is US Government official definition of sexual identity determined “on a biological [...]

Abortions have reached a historic low rate in the United States.The drop was especially pronounced among teenagers

American public opinion trend proves that the pro-life fight could win. See [...]

Kenya has banned the American flagship organization Marie Stopes from promoting abortion

Abortion colonialism is stopped. Kenya accused the previous US government [...]