The Honorable Amy Coney Barrett becomes the fifth female Supreme Court Justice in its 231-year history

Appeals court judge Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed by the [...]

Geneva Consensus Declaration Promoting Women’s Health, Life rights and Strengthening the Family signed by 29 countries representing over 1.6 billion people

Women healthcare rights are not in conflict with the right [...]

Covid-19, airborne transmission and information management.

"The inability to control outbreaks of the pandemic months after [...]

American official figures on fertility. The report shows that it has fallen to its lowest point in the last 40 years

Fertility rate dramatic drops year by year with a severe [...]

People conceived by sperm donation demand to know the identity of the donor

Thanks to DNA tests and the internet but mainly to [...]

Rebuild trust between doctors-patients and healthcare institutions is claimed

An article publised in JAMA (January 24, 2019) treats a medical [...]

Social freezing trend. Fertility experts call for ditching of UK’s 10-year limit on egg-freezing

Fertility experts have urged the government to overturn “discriminatory” fertility [...]

Brain enhancement device in preliminary testing

A recent article in The Time affirms, "Up to now, [...]

Bioethical objections of universal genetic tests for newborns

The use of genetic tests for newborns could raise bioethical [...]

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