Vaccine passport rollout will be a way to gradually recover the right of freedom of movement

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A review of current Human Trafficking. America is the country with more available data

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Babies born from a surrogate mother. Who has parental responsibility before the intended parents obtain the parental order?

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Ageism. “Older people found themselves cruelly abandoned”

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Colpase of health care systems. Delays in the treatment of cancer increase mortality. A robust evidence to guide national policy-making and inform oncologic decision-makers in hospitals

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Evaluation of conscientious objection to participate in abortions in South Korea

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The tsunami engulfing women’s sport worldwide is now approaching the US and the UK. Common sense appears to be lacking

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The United Kingdom allows scientists to infect healthy volunteers in questioned coronavirus trials

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Geneva Consensus Declaration Promoting Women’s Health, Life rights and Strengthening the Family signed by 29 countries representing over 1.6 billion people

Women healthcare rights are not in conflict with the right [...]