Are new mothers in their forties a global trend? Motherhood is also being postponed in the United Kingdom (see negative effects on delayed motherhood for motherAlso mithcondrials problems have been found and child, click HERE), since the number of first-time mothers over the age of 40 has doubled in the last 15 years, and has increased fivefold since 1970. In effect, the number of women aged 40 or over who have given birth has increased from 14,252 in 1999 to 29,000 last year.

The number of women aged 50 or over who have given birth doubled between 2001 and 2014, from 4,057 to 8,169 (Laura Donnelly, Telegraph 26-X-2015).

Now a new an Irish report confirms that this trend has shot up over a decade. The number of women having babies in their 40s has negative demographics, medical and social effects (Irish Examiner, 11/1/2017).


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