The initiative encourages the “risk of exploitation”. See video below

The European Committee on Organ Transplantation has unanimously approved the absolute rejection of the project promoted from the United States of global kidney exchange (see here promotion site). The Global Kidney Exchange Concept is supported by Alvin Roth, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, which opened the doors to all possible forums, including the European Committee.

Organ trafficking is continuing on rise

Geographic distribution of kidney donor-recipient shows a relevant poor country incidence

 La Organi­zación Nacional de Trasplantes (ONT) (Spanish National Transplant Organization) has led opposition to a program that aims to improve the chances of finding compatible living donors by extending the search to low- and middle-income countries, in exchange for paying for transplant to a patient who cannot afford the operation in their own country. According to the European Committee on Organ Transplantation, this seemingly solidary algorithm conceals authentic “trafficking in human organs”, the “commodification of donor-recipient pairs from low/middle-income counties”, encourages the “risk of exploitation” of highly vulnerable individuals without being able to guarantee that there is no abuse, and in the process, undermines all “local efforts to develop ethically sound transplant programs”.

See HERE the STATEMENT ON THE GLOBAL KIDNEY EXCHANGE CONCEPT as adopted at the 21st meeting of the Council of Europe European Committee on Organ Transplantation (CD-P-TO) on 10 April 2018  With the support of the Council of Europe Committee on Bioethics (DH-BIO).

In view of the large deficit of kidneys for transplantation compared with demand, living kidney donation (see HERE), based on universally accepted ethical and professional standards, is assuming increasing importance and this clear assessment of the Europe Committee is a hopeful fact to prevent organ trafficking.

See video



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